Whole Plant Design
As a beverage equipment supplier, except the quality, performance and price, we focus more on the "delivery".
PHS is committed to be a strategic partner of the beverage manufacturers. We’d like to help you build leading technology ...
  • 快乐飞艇技巧贴吧:Product solution

  • Technical flowchart

  • 快乐飞艇技巧贴吧:Engineering design

  • Training and after-sale service

Glass Bottle Filling Solution
It can meet the filling requirements with different sealing caps such as crown cap, pop can cap, aluminum cap,
Can Filling Solution
It can meet the requirements of three-piece can, two-piece can (aluminium can, tinplate, PET), which is applied to water, carbonated soft drink, beer,...
Barrel Water Filling Solution
It consists of washing, filling and capping, which is applied to the production of 3 or 5 gallon purified water and mineral water. The capacity can meet different production requirements from 300 to 2000 BPH.



PHS company is located in Zhangjiagang City , Jiangsu Province.It covers an area of more than30000 square meters .It integrates research and development , sales , manufacturing ,engineering ,installation and after-sale service ,
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